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PhD Workshop in Amsterdam 2013

The PhD seminar at 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference offers PhD students an opportunity for presenting and discussing their PhD projects in order to receive feedback, exchange views on their research in an inspiring academic setting of fellow PhD students and experienced researchers from related disciplines.

The PhD seminar will be held one day before the conference, on Monday 27th May 2013. The seminar will be hosted by Dr. Peter van der Sijde of VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Workshop concept

The workshop concept combines (I) individual presentations followed by group discussions, (II) a time slot for individual questions dedicated to specific faculty members, as well as (III) a reflection round in which the students present their learnings and outline their next steps to each other.

Each student will be part of a group of 4-5 five students. Each PhD project will be discussed in these groups during the workshop. Student presentation should be as short as possible, preferably 15 minutes, max. 20 Minutes, so that 2/3rd or more time is dedicated to discussions.

Aside from the presentations and groups discussions itself, the PhD workshop is meant to provide as much transparency as possible. For example:

  • Transparency on topics and methodologies among PhD students
    Already before the workshop, all abstracts and an overview document summarising the topics, methodological approaches and further information on the PhD projects will be disseminated so that students can identify the perfect discussion partners.
  • Transparency on the key competencies, research areas and experiences of faculty members
    Before the workshop, the PhD students will receive an overview document of the faculty members. While we try to best match students and faculty, it might be necessary to talk to faculty in the individual discussion round (16:15h- 17:15h). So, we provide you with the information you need to know whom to best talk to.
  • Open questions in the proposal / online discussion forum
    PhD students are able to highlight questions in their proposal or raise questions in the discussion forum. This enables faculty to more precisely answer your questions or bring a specific paper which might be helpful for your research.

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