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Who can help me? University job centres!

Preparing for an academic career is not the same approach as preparing for a corporate job! On one hand, the CV will, above all, point out a series of publications (as many as possible) and on the other hand the CV will display a page or two of a set of skills such as the knowledge of a specific domain, the ability to take the initiative and a high degree of autonomy.

Seeking employment involves going through the range of possibilities of which we can give you an overview via the "decision tree".Afterwards, only by consulting specialized job search websites such as Arborescience, la Guilde des Doctorants , can you take stock of your skills with the help of various support structuresand develop a career plan.

Universities job centres and other university related bodies, some of which are part of the Intelli'Agence (GBS entities), provide supervision individually or collectively to doctorate job seekers: CV writing and cover letters, interview preparation and assessment days.

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