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30/05/2017 Employability after a PhD in humanities

Defining and achieving your career plan
Mardi, Mai 30, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00
ULB: Campus du Solbosch
Ana Franco


Preparing the after-PhD involves asking the qestion of the professional project. Do I pursue an academic career, do I reorient myself outside of research ? This questioning is all the more important in humanities, where the valorisation of doctoral skills is still at an early stage.
In this half-day workshop, we propose a discussion relating to the skills developed during a PhD in humanities, some tools to develop  professional project outside of acadeia, and ideas of potential employers.

Content of the training:

Which skills are developed during a PhD in humanities?
what can you do with a PhD in humanities?
Where to look? Who's interested in the profile of a PhD in humanities ?

You will need...

Your laptop

To suscribe to this training , you have to send an email to : [email protected], this mail must contain your Name, Surname, year of Ph. You must also put the name of the training in the subject. 

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