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Applied Statistician

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2016 PhD in Engineering Science University of Paris-Est
2011 Master, Information-processing and data analysis, (Data science) Paris-Saclay University (UVSQ), co-accredited with the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) and Telecom-SudParis.


Technical skills: 
Time series analysis, Forecasting, Dynamical systems, Blind Source Separation, Machine Learning and Data science for social networks
Computer skills: 
Programming : R, Python, Latex ==> for Regular use. C++, Matlab/Octave, Julia. ==> Occasional use.


Function Employer Period Function's description
Ph.D Engineer Scientific and Technical Centre for Building 3 year(s) Topic: Statistical models for indoor air pollution time series. Dataset: Short timestep (1 to 20 min) monitoring of indoor concentration of target pollutants (formaldehyde and particles) in an open space office during five years in real conditions. Tasks: data managments, visualization, validating results with domain experts.
Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant IUT de Créteil-Vitry, Paris-Est University, France. 2 year(s) Teaching : 1) Algorithms, 2015-2017 (Matlab), 1-year in Dept. Mesures Physiques (173 h) 2) Data analysis, 2016-2017 1-year in Dept. Mesures Physiques (21 h) 3) Mathematics, 2016 1-year in Dept. de Génie Électrique et informatique industrielle (72 h) 4) Probability, 2016 2-year in Dept. de Génie Électrique et informatique industrielle (18 h) 5) Statistical process control, 2016 2-year in Dept. de Génie Électrique et informatique industrielle (18 h) In research : Problem: Machine Learning and time series analysis for indoor air pollution. Dataset: Real-time monitoring of indoor air parameters combined with criteria of use like human presence and windows openings. Models: Spectral Band Decomposition combined with nonlinear time series models (regime switching autoregressive model and dynamical systems (chaos) forecasting)
Statistician Engineer Center for Study and Research on Thermics, Environment and Systems 1 year(s) Data science for indoor air pollution databases

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