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Optimization Research Scientist (Leuven or Lommel)

Employeur : Flanders Make vzw

Job Location

Belgium : Leuven or Lommel

Publish date


Doctorat en:

Phd in Engineering (Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering)

Job Description:

By exploring and prototyping mathematical optimization techniques, you generate alternative designs for complex products (machines, vehicles, …) 

Companies are looking forward to take the next step towards an innovative design process. 

As a researcher in multidisciplinary design optimization, you will have the opportunity to work on challenging optimization problems and apply various optimization techniques to generate solutions for machine designers. Typical design problems are constraint-based and multi-objective, requiring advanced non-linear mixed-integer solvers.

Profil / Qualifications Requises

 You have:

 a Phd in Engineering (Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering); 

 a track record in the field of optimization; 

 experience with constraint solvers, search algorithms and optimization toolboxes (Matlab, Cplex); 

 a keen interest to apply theoretical concepts on practical case problems .


You are: 

 passionate about research and new technologies;

 a good conceptual thinker; 

 result oriented, responsible, self directing and team player; 

 a good communicator; 

 eager to learn.



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