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Research Engineer Augmented reality

Employeur : Flanders Make vzw

Job Location

Belgium : Leuven or Lommel

Publish date


Job Description:

As a research engineer you conduct application-oriented research into the workplace of the future. You integrate augmented reality technology into the production process of Flemish companies.

Flanders Make performs research into the workplace of the future where the operator is supported cognitively by the latest multimedia applications (smart glasses, projection, smart displays) and physically by collaborative robots. Items addressed include e.g. dynamic work instructions and training using virtual and augmented reality.


As an expert in augmented reality:

  • you work together in a team which combines expertise in the organisation of the â€śWorkplace of the Future” with collaborative robots;
  • with the team you figure out a system approach to connect a broad range of problems for the design of the workplace where you focus on augmented reality;
  • you implement the augmented reality technology in demonstrators and real life applications;
  • you work together with the partners in the industry and universities and the research engineers in our sites in Lommel and Leuven;
  • actively trace and present industrial challenges and research opportunities. 

Profil / Qualifications Requises

You have

  • Master or PhD in a relevant domain;
  • At least 5 years of experience in research or industry;
  • Reliable expertise in augmented reality;
  • Interest and competence to work together in a multidisciplinary team and with partners in the industry and universities;
  • Relevant experience in technology projects for real-life applications.

You are

  • passionate about research and new technologies;
  • a listening ear for industrial needs;
  • a team player who can build sustainable relationships with all the partners and colleagues;
  • empathic and interested in the operators and their wellbeing;
  • eager to learn. 


To apply, please send your motivation letter and cv to [email protected]

[email protected]

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