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Robotics Research Engineer

Employeur : Flanders Make vzw

Job Location

Belgium : Lommel/Leuven/Kortrijk

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Job Description:

As a robotics research engineer, you develop control strategies for assembly and explore the opportunities offered by the “state of the art” of robot & cobot applications.

Companies aspiring to transition to Industry 4.0 collaborate with Flanders Make to develop their smart factory production systems where robots can work safely alongside humans. We design and develop prototype workcells for production systems.

Develop novel robot applications for industry 4.0 workcells

As an expert in robot control:
- you work together in a research team which combines expertise in software architectures, controls, sensing, and layout of workcells;
- with the team you address “assembly” challenges for real industry cases. The operator will be supported by cobots (KUKA LBR iiwa, ...), mobile robots (KUKA KMR iiwa, ...), two-armed robots (ABB Yumi, ...), logistic robots and AGVs (for transporting goods and pallets), etc.
- you take the lead in the control of the robots.

More concretely, you:
- Explore the state of the art in collaborative robot applications: propose on pushing the state of the art such that it benefits the industry by improving the current solutions in terms of flexibility, productivity and safety;
-Specify and develop the online or realtime control strategy for the robots and cobots (position control; force control, impedence control), for component handling and gripping applications (suction cup, magnetic grabber, gripping hand...);
- Test and improve the operational functionalities (sensors, software, control strategies ...). 

Profil / Qualifications Requises

You have

  • Master or PhD in a relevant domain;
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in research or industry;
  • Reliable expertise in robot control;
  • Experience in writing high quality code in C++ and Java and a good feel for Robot Programming;
  • Affinity with simulations and modelling of robots (or production environments);
  • A keen interest in machine assembly;

You are

  • Passionate about research and new technologies;
  • Result oriented, responsible, self-directing;
  • Open minded;
  • Pro-active and taking initiative;
  • Eager to learn.



To apply, please send your motivation letter and cv to [email protected]

[email protected]

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