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Science March Brussels : 22/04/2017

Science March Brussels is an opportunity for scientists, and anyone interested in science, to celebrate the international and collaborative nature of research. On 22 April 2017 we will be gathering in Place de la Monnaie, Brussels, to show our support for science, because:

  •      Science is for everyone
  •      Science is about working together
  •      Science is international
  •      Science is vital for our future, our health and our well-being

Our gathering on April 22 is part of a global action; there will be parallel marches all around the world to remind us that evidence is important, and that science is vital to our everyday lives. If you work in science, take medicine, use a computer, like to look up at the stars at night, like to brew, bake or make music, if you like to watch films, or drive a car, or are just really interested in the world, then science is something you support too. Join us on April 22, and tell us why science matters to you.

Sign up for the event on Facebook, or join the conversation on Twitter.

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