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Senior Analytical Chemist, Researcher

Profil : Senior Analytical Chemist, Researcher



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Diplome :

Year Title Institution
2010 Dr. rer. nat. Chemie Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
2002 Drs. Chemie Universiteit Utrecht


Technical skills: 
written and oral communication skills Creative (Collaborating, Improving, Igor Pro, Optimization, Planning, Problem-solving) Analytical mindset (Testing, Tools, Training, Troubleshooting,...) Quantitative Research Quantitative Reports
Transversal skills: 
critical and innovative thinking presentation and communication skills, organizational skills, teamwork, self-discipline, enthusiasm, perseverance, self-motivation, information literate communiation (Interpersonal, Listening, Reporting, Streamlining processes, Surveying, Teamwork)
Computer skills: 
MS-Office Igor Pro Instrument software for control and data processing (Trace Finder, Chromeleon, EZ Chrom, Chronos, Xcalibur...


Function Employer Period Function's description
Manager Analytical Laboratory Brightlabs 2 year(s) Management of analytical chemists. Lead and act in analytical method development and validation programs on GC-MS, LC-MS and IC analysis to determine pesticides and active ingredients in food, feed and beverages. Improvement of lab activities. Writing and reviewing ISO17025 documents. Sparring partner and coach.
Scientist Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry DSM Resolve 1 year(s) Target analyses and impurity screenings of polymers by GC-MS and (u)HPLC-ToF and QQQ MS.
Consultant Analytical Chemistry Interscience 3 year(s) Analytical Science & Service Support; Validation of equipment and development of analytical methods prior to sale. Hardware and software testing and demonstrations of GC-MS/MS with liquid, HS, MHE, ITEX, SPME, TD injection techniques, backflush and heart cut. SIFTMS instruments. On-site IQ/OQ/PQ. Training of laboratory staff.
Research Associate Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Air chemistry 6 year(s) Measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOC) over a forest ecosystem by means of Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS). Experimental setup, system calibration and maintenance, data assimilation and processing.

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Geographical mobility

Belgium, Limburg and its surrounding area

Professional goal

Research and development, analytical chemistry, analytical support and consultancy, project management.
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